JohnWelcome to Portsmouth Metro Magazine

This magazine is the realization of a goal that I’ve had for many months now – to produce a publication that focuses on the good things the Portsmouth area has to offer. So often it becomes easy to focus on the negatives. We forget to stop and really take stock of the positives. Well, I’m here to report that are plenty of positives happening and we want people to know about it.

Our plan is to cover Portsmouth, New Boston and Wheelersburg, Ohio, in addition to South Shore and Vanceburg, Ky. and the immediate surrounding areas. The magazine will be mailed quarterly to homes in those areas and will be free of charge. (Out-of-town residents can subscribe for a minimal fee.) Portsmouth Metro magazine will highlight the notable features of the area including interesting people, long-time businesses, outstanding homes, recreational activities, educational endeavors and more. As you will soon find out as you read this issue, the magazine will include upbeat stories that readers and residents will be proud to share.

The magazine also will be a forum for local businesses to showcase their goods and services. A huge thank you goes out to those businesses that opted to advertise in our first issue. We couldn’t have done it without you!

We would love to get your feedback on our new publication. Please email your thoughts and any story ideas for future issues to me at john@thegallahergroup.com. If your business would be interested in advertising in this exciting new publication, we definitely have a spot for you! Give us a call at 606.327.5559.

- John Gallaher, Publisher


Who receives Portsmouth Metro?
We have taken careful steps to ensure that this magazine reaches its intended readers. After a series of demographic studies, it was decided to mail to 5,000 homes with a middle and higher annual income level. If you would like to be added to the list, please contact Kevin@thegallahergroup.com. That is, if you live within the demographic area! Otherwise, subscriptions are $18 a year – still a bargain!  Call 606.327.5559 to order a paid subscription.