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Portsmouth Native Hosts National Radio Program

Jacki-45-Edit-smallJacki Pick has a calm, pleasant voice. She doesn’t yell to make her point, she doesn’t debate to simply be entertaining or say outrageous things to stir up controversy. She is not what you would expect when you hear the phrase “political radio talk show host.” In many ways, Pick is not what anyone would expect and she is proud of that fact.

Born and raised in Portsmouth, Ohio, and now residing in Dallas, Texas, Jacki is the host of the “Jacki Daily Show,” a radio program that focuses on the geopolitics of energy. She has had an impressive career, most recently serving as general counsel to an engineering firm specializing in renewable energy, national security and environmental cleanup. She spent seven years in Washington, D.C., serving most notably as legal counsel to the Chairman of the United States House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and as a ranking member of the House Judiciary Commercial and Administrative Law Subcommittee. Prior to that, she was a corporate litigator and an assistant vice president for a national bank. Pick has also ghostwritten articles for various publications including USA Today and The Washington Times. Now she has taken on the world of radio, and if history is any indicator of future events, she will be incredibly successful.

“Energy is the foundational component of the economy. Jobs, world politics, wars, the delivery of food and healthcare, everything we care about…it’s all tied to energy,” states Pick. “Once I realized this, I became obsessed with this topic. If you want to understand why things that happen on Capitol Hill make no sense, why your political party does things that are against your beliefs, why the Middle East is falling apart, you have to understand energy. I became demoralized on Capitol Hill, and I realized that if I wanted to have any influence, I needed to get out there and start messaging.”

“The Jacki Daily Show” is heard on TheBlaze, an independent news and entertainment television network founded by talk radio personality Glenn Beck. “Glenn is a trailblazer. He encourages all of us on his platform to have an important purpose to other people and to focus on ‘why,’ to make sure your life matters every day.”

Notable guests on the “Jacki Daily Show” have included James Woolsey, the former director of the CIA, who discussed the importance of securing the electrical grid from terrorist attack; President Obama’s former National Security Advisor General Jim Jones, who talked about energy scarcity as a weapon of war; Dr. Ray Perryman, an internationally recognized economist; and journalist, producer and director Phelim McAleer who discussed his film “Fracknation” with her.

Pick defines herself as a conservative libertarian first and a Republican second, but her show is nonpartisan. “I find that I’m just as likely to disagree with the Republican party as I am to agree with them, and at the same time, I definitely disagree with the Democrats. I’m not a team player for any party; they demand submission from their members and I am not submissive!”

She attributes her interest in politics and world history to her grandparents, who took her to historical sites, museums, and presidents’ homes. They also made sure she had educational games, and encouraged her to read and follow her interests. She lives in Dallas but places importance on family and a sense of home and community, visiting the Portsmouth area five or six times per year. Pick’s background has had an influence on her career and political views. “I grew up in a working class family, with no kind of privilege, that’s for sure, and I believed I could advance myself with hard work. These things created my politics.”

A big component of her politics is her support of fracking (hydraulic fracturing), a technique in which rock is fractured by hydraulically pressurized liquid applied to wells to release shale and natural gas.

“The United States is now the number one natural gas producer and oil producer in the world, and it’s because of fracking. It is really important to understand what this means for our future. On my show, I examine this issue from all sides and bring the science in. Oil and gas production are the answers to so many of our country’s problems,” says Pick, who believes the most important and rewarding aspect of her job is to push back against misinformation and try to replace fear with fact.

When asked if she had a message for the people of this area, Pick replied, “Energy is what built the Ohio River Valley. It’s all about the coal, the nuclear plant, the coke plant, the fuel that fuels the steel mills, or the railroads that transport coal. My show is very relevant to the lives of the people back home. I hope they will listen and I hope they will benefit from it and I hope the things I say will help bring jobs back to the area.”

The “Jacki Daily Show” can be heard live on the radio Saturdays at 7 p.m. EST at Podcasts of past shows are available at You can also find Pick at and

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