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Easy and Festive Christmas Creations To Try This Year

As the holiday season rolls around again, what better way to get in the Christmas spirit than an evening of making ornaments? I plan to spend a little of my Thanksgiving weekend getting together with my daughters and creating some decorations and some memories. These will be easy and fun!

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Alphabet Block Elf

This elf can hang on your tree or sit on your mantel. He’ll help you celebrate a very merry Christmas!


• Green and white felt

• 1 ¼” alphabet block
(I found mine online at Amazon)

• Three ½” sparkly pom-poms

• 1” wooden bead or wooden ball knob (or you can use beads with pre-painted faces)

• Black and red fine tip markers

• Craft glue

• Hot glue gun

• Template for elf clothes

1. Cut everything except the collar out of green felt; cut the collar out of white felt. Glue the hat into a cone shape.

2. Draw the face onto the bead.

3. Glue the legs of the elf onto the bottom of the block, making sure you have the colored letter facing the front. Then glue the arms on top and next the collar. Using the hot glue gun, glue the bead on top of the collar. Sorry, the craft glue isn’t strong enough!

4. Trim one side of the pom-poms and glue that side to the top of the hat and on the elf’s feet. Glue on the hat. You’re done! To attach a ribbon for hanging on your tree, fold the hat over, glue or sew, and put a ribbon through it. You can make several to spell out your child’s name or a Christmas message.

Sparkly Spirals

Glitter glue is the magic ingredient to make these ornaments pop!

materials NEEDED:

• 3 1/4” clear glass ornament

• Clear or white glitter glue

• Colored shiny curling ribbon

Some tips:

• If your glue has an attached cap, hold it out of the way or it could mess up your design.

• Have a damp cotton swab handy to clean up any mistakes.

• Don’t touch the tip of the glue bottle to the ornament as you decorate it, but hold it just off the surface and let the glue flow on to the surface of the bulb.

1. Use the glitter glue to paint spirals and curlicues on half of the bulb.

2. Set in a coffee cup to dry overnight. Paint the remainder of the bulb.

3. When dry, curl the ribbon and use it to fill the bulb.

4. Tie some additional ribbon to the top.

I think these would also look great using colored glue and white or silver ribbon.

“Joy”ous Ornament

There are so many variations on this ornament. I used salt dough, but there’s also cornstarch dough recipes you can find online. You can go with the natural color of the salt dough, use a rubber stamp inked up to make a colored impression, or use a polymer clay such as Fimo® or Sculpey® if you like bright colors. Shapes! Textures! Let your imagination run wild!


• Salt dough: 2 cups of flour

1 cup of salt

1 cup of water

• Cookie cutters

• Parchment baking paper

• Toothpick with one blunt end

• Bamboo skewer or straw to make hole
in tags

• ⅛” ribbon and ¼” ribbon

• Sandpaper

1. Preheat oven to 200° F. Mix up your salt dough, starting with the dry ingredients and adding the water. Knead the dough a little until it’s smooth. If it’s too sticky, add more flour. Line your cookie sheet with parchment paper. Roll out dough ¼” thick or less on the parchment paper.

2. Spell out “Joy” with dots made using the toothpick or other pointed tool, and cut out the ornament using your cookie cutter. Outline the shape with dots. Remove the excess dough from around the ornament. Gently pat the edges to smooth them out.

3. Make a hole at the top with a skewer or straw, and bake for at least six hours. Sand the edges if rough. Use ⅛” ribbon as hanger, and tie a bow on with the wider ribbon, trimming excess. You can use a little dot of glue to help keep the bow tied.

Add paint and/or glitter if desired. A coat of polyurethane will help to preserve the ornament, but test it with your paint first to make sure it doesn’t cause the paint to bleed.


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